Hometown Heroes

Hometown Hero Banner Application Form– Complete this application to get your family member recognized in our Banner Program.  *Please note that the pricing may change; the pricing shown on the form is accurate as of the April 2022 Banner Series. 

Program Coordinator – Karen Johnson, Library Director, Email: Phone: (302) 337-7401 Ext. 107

Banners are displayed on the following streets:

    • North and South Main Street
    • Market Street
    • Church Street
    • Delaware Ave
  • Banning, Harry C. – Army, WWII
  • Barr, John – New Jersey Army National Guard Master Sergeant, 1953-1997
  • Betze, Stephen A. – Army, WWII
  • Burbage, Charles – United States Army Private, WWII
  • Callaway, A. Noble, III – United States Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 5, Gulf War
  • Cannon, Elmer – Army, WWII
  • Cannon, Virgil – Army, WWII
  • Cannon, William Laws – Company E of First Delaware Cavalry Captain, Civil War
  • Carr, Douglas “Gene” – United States Navy Seaman, Vietnam
  • Carr, William D. – United States Army Sergeant, WWII
  • Chaney, Billie Jo – Army, WWII
  • Coble, Henry “Hank” – United States Army Specialist, Vietnam
  • Collins, Glenn – United States Marine Corps Corporal, Vietnam
  • Collins, Hugh T. – Army, WWII
  • Collison, Ralph – United States Army Sergeant, WWII
  • Custer, C. Earl – United States Navy Aviation Machinery Mate, WWII
  • Davis, Ralph – Army, WWII
  • Dean, Charles – United States Army Staff Sergeant, Vietnam
  • Hallman, Jack C. – Army Air Force, WWII
  • Helm, Lewis A. – Navy, WWII
  • Horne, George – United States Army Specialist, Vietnam 
  • Houtman, Joseph A. – Navy, WWII
  • James, John Edwin – United States Navy Gunner’s Mate Third Class, WWII
  • Janes, Robert W. – United States Army 101st Airborne Specialist, Vietnam
  • Jones, W. Allen – United States Air Force Airman First Class, 1951-1954
  • Kelly, Edwin J., Jr. – Army, WWII
  • Kelly, Elizabeth – Army, WWII
  • Kehlenbrink, Jerry and Marjorie – Royal Dutch Navy, Royal Women’s Air Force, WWII
  • Knowles, William R. – United States Army Private First Class, WWII
  • Lewis, Richard – United States Army Major, Vietnam
  • Parker, Carl E., II – United States Army Private First Class, WWII
  • Passwaters, Jo – Navy, WWII
  • Peterson, Oliver – United States Army Private, WWII
  • Powell, Norman G. – Army, WWII
  • Smith, Thelton – United States Army Private First Class, WWII
  • Speicher, David C. – Army, WWII
  • Speight, Robert Lee – Navy, WWII
  • Stein, Sidney – Navy, WWII
  • Thomas, Nathan O. – United States Army Air Force Tuskegee Airman Corporal, WWII
  • Tull, Leroy T. – Army Air Force, WWII
  • West, Huey, Jr. – United States Army Field First Drill Sergeant –  Korean War
  • Wheatley, Joseph R. – Army Air Corps, WWII
  • Willey, Harry E., Sr. – United States Army Private, Korea
  • Willey, Leon – United States Marine Corps Corporal, Vietnam
  • Williamson, Bruce – United States Army Specialist 4, Vietnam


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